Dear Business Owners!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business with Video Marketing?

If you’re an “Ambitious Business Owner” determined to boost engagement and attract more customers through the magic of video contents, this exclusive Reel-a-thon Promax challenge is TAILOR-MADE FOR YOU.

Everything you need to EASILY & quickly create & edit powerful marketing videos that are strategically and psychologically designed to convert and bring in sales – No Matter What You Sell! No Matter the Price and No Matter The Niche!….

You’re 30 powerful social media video contents Away from Generating red-hot, ready-to-buy customers with the 10 days Reel-A-Thon Promax Challenge

(This short tutorial is just a tip of the iceberg….)

30 Impactful Videos, 30 Days: Your Path to Success

Imagine having the power of 30 professionally crafted videos at your fingertips, each designed to captivate your audience and drive results. That’s exactly what the Reel-A-Thon Promax offers.

🔥 Here’s How It All Works:

Step 1: Tailored Content Brainstorming  – Our seasoned team of experts will work closely with you to brainstorm content ideas that align perfectly with your brand. We’ll help you craft compelling video scripts that resonate deeply with your target audience.

Step 2: Mastering Video Production We don’t just stop at ideas. You’ll receive step-by-step Instruction Videos on shooting high-quality videos. Learn the tricks of the trade to capture attention-grabbing footage that effectively showcases your brand.

Step 3: Editing Like a Pro Even if you’re a complete beginner, fear not! We’ll teach you how to edit your videos like a pro. You’ll acquire the skills needed to fine-tune your content and make it truly stand out.

Step 4: Expert Feedback and Refinement Once your video is edited, share it with your dedicated instructor. They’ll meticulously review it, providing feedback and suggestions for further enhancing the impact of your content.

Step 5: The 30-Day Journey This collaborative process will continue for an entire month, resulting in a total of 30 professionally crafted videos that will supercharge your online presence.

Ideal For All Business Owners:

Skincare Vendors

Cake Vendors


Ready-to-wear vendors

Service Providers

Fashion Designers

Coaches & Consultants

Processed Food Vendors

Total Value – 20,000 Naira

Regular Price – 5,000 Naira

Today’s Price = 2,999Naira


For Bank Transfers Use Details Below

Make payment of N2999 to:

Account Name: Prolanz Digitals
Bank: Monie Point
Account Number: 6327020810

Then Send proof of payment to 07088546064

And you will instantly be given access to the Reel-A-Thon challenge group.

To contact support call: 07088546064

You know what makes the difference between the few business people on social media who do millions of naira online and the rest who struggle to make a sale?

“Viral-able” Video Contents That attracts and interests their audience in their thousands and convert ‘clicks’ into cashflow

If you can get just ONE MARKETING VIDEO that can go viral…it can take you from ZERO to millions of naira fast

But Even Though You Know This, There’s Still One Big Question for you to answer.


Answer that question sincerely….. Are you ready?

Are you ready to learn and work with us to master the art of crafting, creating and advertising your business with powerful videos that will drive massive traffic to your offers, engage your audience, get lots of clicks and in turn produce lots of sales…??

If your answer to that question is a big YES, go ahead and click on the button below to join the reelathon challenge now!

If You Are Reading This, You Probably Fall Under One of Two Categories

Category #1
I love to sell my products and I am ready to invest in video marketing if it will help increase my sales

Category #2
I can’t/hate anything videos or social media, Period!

If You Fall Under The Second Category – You Can Close This Page Now!


I Want To Quickly Show You All You Will Be Learning In This Reel-A-Thon Promax Challenge

Day 1:

  • How to delete a part of the video you don’t want with capcut app.
  • How to make your video faster or slower on capcut
  • How to add fun animations to your videos
  • How to use the style feature for your walking videos
  • How to make the camera move as you move

Day 2:

  • How to rotate your video and crop out excesses (If you are shooting with your front camera, here is how to ensure it comes out like the back camera)
  • How to remove background and blur background.
  • How to add yourself to a video
  • How to enhance the quality of your appearance in your videos using capcut
  • How to remove unwanted objects from your videos
  • How to add two videos on one screen using the mask

Day 3:

  • How to add several videos on my screen (split screen)
  • How to blend 2 or more clips beautifully on capcut
  • How to blur movements (motion) in your video
  • How to make your video stable even if you didn’t shoot with tripod

Day 4:

  • How to make your video transparent
  • How to reverse your videos (background)
  • How to extract a picture from a video
  • How to change your voice in a video
  • How to remove excess noise in your video
  • How to add beats to make your video engaging
  • How to add background for a product display video

Day 5:

  • How to add a phone sticker to your videos
  • How to use stickers to make your contacts engaging
  • How to change the quality/appearance of your video
  • How to change the size of your videos for the different platforms

Day 6:

  • How to use video effects, big effects to improve your videos/photos
  • How to improve engagement on your videos using text / text subtitles and animations

Day 7:

  • How to add sounds/music
  • How to use sound effects to make your videos more engaging

Day 8:

  • How to make a catchy cover photo for your video
  • How to use keyframes to make your videos more engaging

Day 9:

  • Simple ways to make product videos or BTS using capcut templates (auto cut)
  • How to shoot a video while reading what you are to say from your screen

Day 10:

  • Advanced video editing trainings

This is one of the best investments you will be putting into your business this year!

🗣️ What Others Are Saying….

Don’t just take our word for it. Verify the authenticity of the Reel-A-Thon Challenge by exploring ongoing participant journeys through the hashtag #Prolanzreelathon on Instagram.

Meanwhile, check out these beautiful reviews below

🌟 Why Join the Reel-A-Thon Promax Challenge? Simple..

👨‍🏫 Expert Guidance: Our instructors are industry professionals with a proven track record of successful video content creation.

📝 Actionable Techniques: Weekly assignments and exercises will solidify your learning.

🌐 Supportive Community: Connect with fellow participants in our exclusive online community.

💰 Money-Back Guarantee: We stand by the value we provide. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a full refund within 7 days – no questions asked.

🎯 Ready to Transform Your Business? Join the Reel-A-Thon Challenge Today! 🎯


Total Value – 20,000 Naira

Regular Price – 5,000 Naira

Today’s Price = 2,999 Naira

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely! Our program is designed to cater to all skill levels. Whether you’re a tech novice or have some experience, our step-by-step instructions and supportive community will ensure you can participate and thrive in the Reel-A-Thon Challenge.

Yes, you can! Our program is specifically tailored for business owners in Nigeria who want to leverage their smartphones to create exceptional videos. We’ll teach you how to maximize the capabilities of your phone’s camera and editing tools to produce outstanding content.

We understand that as business owners, your time is valuable. You can expect to spend around 10-20 minutes a day on the challenge, and we’ve structured it to fit into your busy schedule. The daily lessons are concise and focused, allowing you to make significant progress in just 10 days.

Absolutely! We understand that life can get busy. You can access the challenge materials at your own pace. If you miss a day, don’t worry. You can catch up and continue from where you left off. Our support team will be available to assist you if needed.

Yes, indeed! We believe in your continued success. After completing the challenge, you’ll have access to a supportive community, ongoing mentorship, and regular strategy sessions to help you refine your video marketing skills and stay ahead of the game.

Absolutely. We stand by the value and effectiveness of our program. If, within 7 days of starting the challenge, you find it doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer a full refund—no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Upon completing your payment, you will instantly gain access to the Reel-A-Thon Challenge group. Our team will guide you through the process to ensure you have seamless access.

No extra investment is required. We’ve designed the Reel-A-Thon Challenge to utilize smartphone technology and readily available editing apps. You won’t need to purchase any additional software or equipment to succeed in the program.

The Reel-A-Thon Challenge is suitable for business owners across various industries and niches. Whether you run a beauty salon, an e-commerce store, a fitness center, or any other type of business in Nigeria, our program will empower you to harness the power of video marketing.

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