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More leads, More sales, and More revenue. That’s digital marketing services from Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency. Our Internet Marketing Company is a dynamic, versatile and full-service digital marketing firm that’ll help your business drive results.

Prolanz Digital Marketing Services

Prolanz Digital Marketing Services

Prolanz Digitals is a full-service digital marketing company in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide small and large businesses with everything ranging from web development to SEO to PPC advertising.

Here are our digital marketing services that drive results.

1. Content marketing

2. Social media marketing

3. Social media advertising

4. Web design and management

5. Search engine optimization (SEO)

6. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

7. Email marketing

8. Google Business Profile management

Content marketing

Content Marketing is one of our most important digital marketing services at Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency. This service is invaluable. Many of our clients that made use of content marketing recorded a conversation rate that is six times more than other businesses who didn’t make use of it.

Although this sounds good to hear, not all digital marketing agencies in Lagos and the whole of Nigeria can deliver such results. Not all digital marketing companies are like Prolanz Digitals.

At Prolanz Digitals, we address content marketing as an investment that must yield results. Due to this, we always take our time to learn about your industry, audience, and business.

Aside from creating your content, we also design customized visual items for your content. Our content marketing team will optimize your content for search engines as well.

This is done in order to help more of your target audience find and read your content. This includes blog posts, infographics, in-depth articles, and lots more. At the end of the day, your content will not only drive results but also would impact your audience with value.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Out of the many businesses that exist in the world, the ones that make use of social media are not up to 30%. However, social media plays a very significant role in the purchase decisions of potential customers.

Around 75% of people use social media when making a purchase decision. Even if what they’re buying is cosmetics or a car, they check on social media. On average, people spend 30% of their total time on social media.

At Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency, our social media marketing service aims to improve your online presence on social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube as well as TikTok.

Our social media marketing services also include social media management. What social media management does is that it puts your followers first before other things.

It gives them relevant and quality content that will let them interact and engage with your business. If done consistently over time, it will promote your brand awareness and improve the loyalty of your customers.

Our digital marketing services for social media also include advertising. A social media ad campaign will help you achieve your goals at a very fast rate and within a short time. Running ads can get your business more followers and more engagement.

Social media marketing, being an aspect of digital marketing, also drives conversions like product purchases and services subscription.

If you let us handle your digital marketing, all these social media marketing and advertising perks will be claimed by your brand. Together with our social media marketing team, we’ll come up with a customized strategy that will boost your brand awareness, increase customer engagement, as well as manage customer feedback and reviews.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is only one SEO company in Nigeria that has an advanced digital marketing team. This team is a collection of the most professional and experienced digital marketers in Nigeria. That company is Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency.

We work with people all over Nigeria, so whether you need SEO services in Lagos or SEO in other regions of Nigeria, Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency have you covered.

Most websites get most of their traffic from search engines. A large percentage of people in Nigeria with access to the internet visit Google at least once a day.

If your website is very visible on all search engines, you will be an important resource. This also means getting more traffic.

For your site to rank in the top spots for relevant keywords, you have to make sure it has a good SEO. Both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO contribute to your overall website ranking.

SEO makes us understand changes in the Search Engine. It lets us understand what customers want, and how their wants have varied over time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes us understand the voice of our audience, what feels trendy and what feels outdated to them.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner makes use of information like this to let On-page SEO experts know which keywords are still getting engagement.

In short, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives hints to current consumer and user behaviour.

Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency offers many affordable SEO pricing plans and packages. And how much do we even charge our clients? Just a small token. We charge less compared to other companies in the Nigerian digital marketing industry.

Contact us today to know how our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can optimize your visibility, increase your sales, and boost your online presence on a large scale.

PPC Marketing and Advertising

Pay Per Click marketing is an advertising service on the internet that lets you place ads on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), social media platforms and web pages.

In PPC advertising, your business will bid on keywords. However, you will pay only when someone on the internet clicks on your ad.

Usually, whenever someone clicks your PPC ad, they will be taken to your business site, landing page or whatever you link it to.

If you have been familiar with PPC ads in the past, then you already know that ads start to show up for your targeted keywords immediately after you bid on that keyword.

All things equal, your website or landing page should start getting traffic within 7 days of your pay-per-click advertisement.

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, pay-per-click marketing brings about instant results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email marketing and content marketing take more than a month before you can start seeing improvements.

Since your website appears as either a search ad, display ad or video ad, more people get to see and know about your brand’s existence (and functionality).

The more frequently your business appears in search results together with other close competitors that they already know, the more your brand recognition increases.

For instance, let’s say they respect and think highly of a competitor and the next day they see your business in the search results with that same competitor. 

Believe it or not, they will also start to respect and think highly of you as well. This is because they think that your services must be good for you to be seen alongside that competitor.

There are many pay-per-click marketing agencies in Nigeria. However, not all have exactly what your business needs. The ones that have are also very expensive.

But at Prolanz Digital Services, it’s an entirely different story. Our PPC marketing services are top-notch while also being the most affordable. Contact us, or dial +2347088546064 to get started.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Digital Marketing Services?

Why Your Business Should Be Using Digital Marketing Services?

Many brands and businesses in Nigeria are already enjoying the benefits of digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing uses internet channels and methods to drive real and measurable results.

1. Digital Marketing Services Are More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing helps small brands, new businesses and even established companies to save their money. The amount of budget saved is usually a substantial figure, and it would have been wasted in traditional marketing, if not for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a very wise approach that utilizes the most cost-effective marketing channels to propel your business to greater heights. In the process, you will spend as little as you can while getting a very high return on investment.

In most companies and organizations, digital marketing has replaced its traditional counterpart. Expensive advertising channels like TV, radio, billboards, etc are no longer used like they were in the past. Why?

The answer is straightforward. There are other cheaper and better alternatives. An example is email marketing, one of the digital marketing services. By automating email marketing, you can boost your leads and also convert them.

2. Digital Marketing Services Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

Back in the days when everyone was using traditional marketing, lead conversions were a sure thing. Whenever someone is making a marketing approach, they’re not usually sure of how many customers will turn out.

With digital marketing services, attracting and converting customers on the internet is no longer a gamble. As long as your marketing strategy is very engaging and practical, you will drive more sales leads.

With digital marketing, you can also target your audience. And only that audience will be your traffic. By targeting your audience, you’re paving the way for more conversions.

Unlike other types of advertising, digital marketing has a two-way conversation with customers. Moreso, you can get to your customers any time you want.

Digital marketing is also very straightforward. You don’t have to make many calls every day. Who knows, your ringing call may even be an annoyance that will make a customer get pissed off and lose interest.

Instead of bothering them with multiple phone calls, you can just message them online. When they are ready to come online, they will come and respond to your messages. Also, it looks more professional and polite, making it a better idea.

You can also take advantage of email marketing and send them offers and discounts. This will prompt them to make a purchase and learn more about your business.

Communication like this will generate leads that can be converted. This will be an additional increase in conversion rates.

3. Content Performance and Lead Generation

Picture yourself taking time and passing through stress to create a product brochure. Now, it’s time to pass it around for other people to read as offline content.

Will that be convenient?

Definitely no! Aside from the stress, you will also encounter other problems like tracking results. You will have no exact account of the number of people that have gone through your content.

You won’t also know how many people flung it across the street or used it to wrap snacks.

The same can’t be said for digital marketing. Once you create useful and relevant content, you will start by promoting it on social media platforms.

Through social media platforms and networks, potential customers will see and learn more about your products and services.

You can also make use of influencers. Social media influencers…

Making use of social media influencers is another aspect of digital marketing. This digital marketing service is directly under social media marketing and advertising.

Influencer marketing drives results and revenue, depending on the popularity, fan base and trustworthiness of the influencer.

Influencer marketing combined with social media marketing will improve your brand visibility and pave the way for more revenue. However, that’s not the only benefit. Another advantage that comes out of this influencer-business relationship is brand credibility.

A social media influencer will have a very loyal fan base, something which they most probably built from scratch. Also, they are very experienced in a particular niche. 

Social media users look up to them whenever they want to know more or make a purchase decision in that niche. As a result, people will trust an influencer whenever they put in a good word for your brand.

The more engagement you get, the more Google considers your content to be worthy. And in turn, it will boost your SEO rankings with ease.

Still on Content Performance and Lead Generation

Through digital marketing, you can account for and measure exactly how many people saw your content, and how many engaged with it.

At the end of the content, you can view and get the contact details of everybody that downloaded it. This can be easily done by including contact forms.

Furthermore, you’re also boosting your brand awareness whenever a new person downloads it. By making use of a good lead growth strategy, you can make your business more attractive to prospective buyers.

4. More Revenue and Higher Returns On Investment

We made it known earlier that higher conversion rates can be generated by using effective digital marketing techniques. As a result, it will drive lots of profits and revenue for your business.

Whenever your company is advertising, it should:

1. Use a good layout that allows for easy navigation

2. Take advantage of the situation to study the digital platform. The aim here is to understand customer purchase patterns

3. Make use of the right content that meets the needs of your customers

4. Utilize one or more digital marketing channels so as to collect useful and accurate data

Once these four things are done, you’re good to go. All brands, new businesses and successful companies will have improved revenue growth and more chances of expansion.

Our digital marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria optimizes the conversion rates of other businesses to get a maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for them. If done by professionals like us, digital marketing will drive better ROI than traditional marketing.

Through digital marketing, you can amass a reliable flow of targeted traffic. If they’re converted into sales, calculate how revenue and return on investment will generate.

Now imagine getting more and more of this every day. If your brand gets this kind of traffic every day, your ROI will keep multiplying as well.

5. Compete with Large Corporations

Another interesting benefit of digital marketing is that it levels the battlefield. You won’t have to fight from downhill while your competitors launch attacks on the higher ground.

Aside from the budget and popularity, digital marketing levels everything else. That way, you can compete with larger brands, businesses and companies.

Even if the concept of digital marketing seems complex to you like rocket science, you can still compete and emerge the victor. Same if you’re in an industry that is dominated by bigger brands.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a large company with many branches. Digital marketing provides a very cost-effective and efficient marketing tactic.

Using this approach, even the smallest of brands can drive traffic both locally and globally by reaching out to their target consumers.

6. Earn People’s Trust and Build Your Brand Reputation

Do you know you can build other people’s trust in you just by using digital marketing?

Digital Marketing leverages social media reputation, social proof and testimonials that are from satisfied consumers. The more these social proofs are, the more your brand reputation and trust people will have in you.

Generally, potential customers believe stories, rumours and scandals about a particular brand as long as it comes from a customer or someone they know. Same thing if it’s a credit for good brand behaviour and transparency.

Either way, whatever a customer claims to be true about you is what usually gets the upper hand. If you meet your customers’ expectations and keep them satisfied, your brand reputation will skyrocket.

Although it’s gradual and not immediate, satisfying customers over and over again will open new doors of opportunities for reaching bigger markets.

7. Know All About Your Competitors

A wise man once said:

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…” 

The internet is a very open place. Everyone takes advantage of that by having a presence on most social media platforms where their target audience is most active.

Social media competitive analysis is a very important part of our digital marketing services at Prolanz Digitals. This is because you have to monitor your competitors and watch how they do it right while also learning from their mistakes.

That’s why we will help you to monitor your close competitors. We will assign your digital marketing and social media marketing experts to look into your competitor’s online strategies.

This will help you by informing you of any plan your competitors may have. That way, you can take advantage of any possible opportunities.

You can even figure out their strategy by keeping an eye on them. If you find out what they’re doing to gain customers, you will have the upper hand.

Spying on your competitors can help you detect marketing opportunities which will in turn give your business a huge advantage.

8. Our Digital Marketing Services Will Get You Real-time Results

This shouldn’t be so hard to see, at least judging from what we have been saying about digital marketing so far.

The results that digital marketing drives are real-time ones. Aside from being practical, they are very long-lasting.

Unlike traditional methods, you can quickly determine if a particular marketing strategy will work or not. Mind you, that’s only if you have a good digital marketing agency like Prolanz Digitals working for you.

With the help of digital marketing, you can accurately know:

1. The number of visitors to your site

2. The increase in the number of its subscribers

3. Peak trading times

4. Conversion rates

5. Increase and drop in website traffic

6. Bounce rate and lots more

These real-time accurate reports will give you a very concise idea upon which you can build other strategies. It will also give you an idea of which marketing method is working and which one isn’t.

Mind you, all these can be known by just pressing one or two buttons on your computer.

9. Digital Marketing Allows Brands to Strategize with Their Valuable Data and Analytics

When you start using our digital marketing services, you will know the exact number of visitors that have visited your website’s homepage within a period.

With the use of google analytics, you can track your website statistics and get information about your marketing. It will update you on:

1. The number of people visiting your business page

2. Their geographic location

3. Sex, age and interests of the visitors

4. How much time they are spending on your site

5. The source of traffic from various gadgets

6. Website bounce rates

7. How the traffic has changed over time

Having information like this will be very helpful. You can prioritize your marketing channels on a scale of preference. This real-time data analysis will give you a better understanding of how your marketing efforts have been working so far.

With access to this information, you can also increase or reduce your marketing budget wisely. You will know which marketing campaign to run and which to run from.

Why Choose Prolanz Digitals As Your Digital Marketing Services Agency?

Why Choose Prolanz Digitals As Your Digital Marketing Services Agency?

For more than 8 years now, Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency has been providing digital marketing services to businesses in Nigeria and other countries.

What our digital marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria offers is far greater than what other digital companies do. Our digital marketing services will give you an edge over your competitors.

As a result, both small and established companies in Nigeria and beyond prefer, trust and partner with Prolanz Digitals. A few of the reasons why our digital marketing services are preferred are explained below:

We Drive Results That Top Digital Marketing Agencies Can’t Touch

Searching for a digital marketing agency and finding one is no big deal. The big deal here is the results. You should only hire an online marketing firm that can help you improve your results on the internet.

Results here mean more sales, improved visibility on search engines, a larger fan base and a follower base.

We don’t see any particular reason why you have to hire and endure a company that can drive real-time digital marketing results.

At Prolanz Digitals, we’ll take a look at your business and give you an estimated return on investment. They will be real results that you can see for yourself every day

Prolanz Digitals will get you a full list of real results. Many of our clients have recorded over 1000% increase in sales within a few months.

We Partner With Your Marketing Team

Prolanz Digitals is not just a digital marketing agency in Nigeria. We are your partner. Even though we don’t invest in your business, we’ll be involved in the day-to-day marketing activities of your business.

This is not something that other digital marketing agencies in Nigeria will do for free. At Prolanz Digitals, we care about your company, your goals, and your success.

We Offer Quality, Reliable and Professional Services

At Prolanz Digitals Marketing Agency, we work more than you pay us to. We don’t play clients around or lie about working while we haven’t even touched your work.

If you send emails or call us, we’ll get back to you immediately. We’ll also assign a dedicated digital marketer that will respond to your inquiries.

We do all these in order to provide quality service to all the digital marketing services that we provide.

We Make Transparency a Standard

At Prolanz Digital Marketing Agency, we’re very honest and transparent in all our dealings.

This is unlike most other digital marketing agencies in Lagos. Whenever you want to look at the pricing of our digital marketing services, you’re welcome to check. If you want to look at the results of your PPC ads, you can always access them.

Also, we do publish the pricing packages of our digital marketing service on the internet. This is to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting for your bucks.

What Our Clients Say At Prolanz Digital Services

What Our Clients Say At Prolanz Digital Services

Well, maybe you are not convinced enough about the professionalism of our digital marketing agency. To convince you more, take a look at what our clients are saying.

Obasi Kingsley

I appreciate business-minded people who are professional in delivering their services. Thumbs up to the hardworking people at Prolanz. They are the best digital marketing agency in my humble opinion.

Isaiah Champion

I needed proper media management for a client in terms of posters and fliers so I found Prolanz through a Google search and decided to give them a call. They came through and did a fantastic job. I’m impressed.

Victor Iyiola

Nice one Prolanz. There are many digital marketing guys out there who don’t do as they say but Prolanz is so different.

Oluoma Cynthia

Prolanz did some beautiful social media designs for my brand a while ago and I know how many people I’ve referred to them since then. Excellent service I must say.

Grace Akuneme

Doing business in Nigeria isn’t child’s play and I needed my website to be on point. Prolanz came in highly recommended by a colleague and I gave them the contract to develop my website. Guys, they’re one of the best design companies in Nigeria. Give them a try.

Vasia Gail

When I first contacted Prolanz I didn’t know what to expect at first cause I thought they were mainly into website services. I can boldly say they are also a social media marketing agency. You can give them a try.

Akinyemi Gbenga

I needed help with my business page and I saw an ad by Prolanz. They did a 3 free days trial for me and I didn’t waste time to subscribe for a plan. This digital marketing agency is different. They’re an excellent service marketing agency. I can attest to that.

See More Clients Reviews Here.

Get Digital Marketing Services That Drives Real Revenue

Get Digital Marketing Services That Drives Real Revenue

When you start working with us, you will be working with a team of professionals.

At Prolanz digital marketing agency, we have lots of writing nerds, technology geeks, PPC experts, experienced marketers and creative minds that will help your business to generate leads and increase sales.

Reach out to us today and let’s work together. It will be our pleasure and also to your advantage. Within the past 8 years that we have been operating, we have generated over 5 million sales leads for our clients.

Are you ready to have a consultation with our digital marketing agency in Nigeria? 

If yes, Click on the button below to reach out to us right away