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Want to double your
this festive season???

Then read this to the end...

Already Working for 3 Busineses

What I am about to share with you is powerful enough to help you make double the number of sales you have been making from January till date, so pay close attention… You don’t want to miss out on any word.

There are 2 things that you can implement in your business RIGHT NOW that will make all the difference and double or even triple your sales.

This festive period trust me, people are ready to buy, like many people has been saving since January, just to spend in this season… The question is,

  • are you positioned as someone they will spend that money on???
  • Are you ready to sell to them like no man’s business?

If yes, then do these 2 things ASAP

1. This festive period, don’t sell your products, SELL OFFERS!.

you create an offer by first identifying your (USP) unique selling point (this will help you know exactly who your target audience should be), then you match your USP with your audience’ pain points.

Boom at this point, you know who your target audience are, what they really want and are hungry for, and you offer those things to them.

Do this, and you are ready to sell out like crazy..

2. Show your offer to thousands of your target audience.

The idea here involves a bit of maths….

Even though we know that your offer solves a major problem for your target audience, it is not all of them that might be ready to buy, so you play the game of numbers here.

Step 1:  Figure out how many sells you want to make this season


Step 2: See that No. of sales you want to make, let it be 1% of the number of your target audience that you’d be reaching out to.

That is; if you want to make 100 sales, then you should be ready to reach out to 10,000 of your Target audience.

Step 3: Start the reach out process through running very profitable social media adverts, let the goal be to reach out to a minimum of 10,000 targeted audience.

Note: It will take a bit of some ad testing to identify the best ad, but at the end it will be worth it…

So, do these two things above, and you will definitely double your sales, guaranteed!

Ps: If you don’t know how to get all these done, we have decided to put together a session where we will be holding you by hand and showing how to implement all these in your business. We have put together a free google meet session for this.

To gain access to the session for free, click the link below: