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The Art Of Storytelling

See Why your brand needs to use storytelling

With the emergence of new technologies, consumers have become actors in their consumption. Before buying a product, they learn about the brand, its values, its history and its commitments to a more responsible purchasing objective.

This shift in consumer trends has created a new paradigm for brands for whom praising the merits of a product or service is no longer enough to make a difference. They must now speak for themselves, tell a story that consumers can relate to.
This story is called “ storytelling ”.
Today, it is essential to engage consumers and create what is called a “brand preference” and stand out from the competition.

It is essential to remember that a story is memorized, makes you dream and allows you to project yourself. So you have to write for your reader . The practice of storytelling does not have to go in all directions: there is a message to convey . You have to tell a story which, on the one hand does not start from the artistic side, but on the other does not care too much about the product, at the risk of losing the story side. So you have to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are writing for. And that involves a lot of “practices”: Using the right vocabulary, knowing your target in order to be able to adapt the story to it, having your needs in mind and finally knowing your imagination, your references. All of this for a single purpose: to please your target audience.

How important is it for brands to connect with costumers?

1) Arouse emotion to make a strong impression. This is by creating a bond. Brands seek to bond with consumers.

Despite our differences, we consumers have all kept the soul of a child. We all love stories and this leads us to live with our emotions. To play with our emotions, brands will seek to play like parents towards their children, by telling a story, their story.

By telling their story, by arousing emotion, brands create a link, a close, almost intimate relationship with the consumer, and can thus convey messages.

2) Emotion vs. Human reason
One of the important points with emotion is its importance on the scale of human feelings, especially in relation to reason.

Emotion occupies a more important place.
When we tell a story by playing on emotions, we are actually playing with human sensitivity. We must not forget that we are all sensitive to something. Some people are sensitive to commitment. Others, for social causes, money or luxury goods, etc …

The emotional power is such that advertisements based on this concept are often the most impactful and also the most expensive. This is particularly the case for luxury products.

The goal of storytelling is to directly engage the consumer. By telling its own story, the brand creates its image. The more authentic it is, the stronger the direct link between the brand and its consumers.

Arouse emotion to create attachment through storytelling.
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