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Top 9 Ways-to-grow-your-Facebook-page-for-free-in 2021

Top 9 Ways to Promote your company for free on Facebook in 2021

You’ve got a nice web store with all the right stuff.

What you need now are some clients!

The question is, how do you increase views and sales on your company’s Facebook page?

That is what we will cover in this blog.

1. Using a fan page, build a personal business presence.

One of social media marketing’s greatest assets is its ability to foster relationships between companies and their target audiences. Consumers believe they have experienced a brand in a meaningful way and now have a special bond with it because of the person-to-person contact that can occur on social media.

2. Maintain a strong brand identity.

Although it’s true that your company’s Facebook posts are unlikely to appear in your audience’s news feeds unless you pay to advertise them, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share them on your profile. People nowadays often use Facebook as a search engine to learn more about a business, whether it’s for basic information such as contact information and hours of operation.

3. Join Facebook groups that is relevant to you.

Though most people think of LinkedIn when they think of professional networking, Facebook groups provide a similar opportunity. There are a multitude of Facebook groups devoted to different sectors, occupations, and hobbies. You may join groups of colleagues as well as groups where your target audience is likely to be found using your personal account.

4. Make your own group.

You can’t seem to find a Facebook community that exactly meets your needs? Make up your own! You can add members, write posts, participate in forums, and meet a lot of new people. In the eyes of your members, the fact that you own the group and manage the discussions instantly gives you business leadership status, which can only help when they know they need help.

5. Make a list of your upcoming activities. Do you want to host a webinar or give a presentation? Make an event page and invite your friends and members of the groups you’re a part of. You will also see how many people have RSVP’d and get input from them.

6. Your blog should be syndicated.

You can automate the task if you know you won’t recall or have time to share your company’s blog posts on your Facebook page or profile each week. You can do this with a variety of online resources, ranging from simple WordPress plugins to digital marketing software suites that will automatically post each new blog post to your Facebook page for you.

7. Ask that your friends and family share your blog posts.

When it comes to sharing your company’s blog posts on your own Facebook page or profile, you can also ask your team of employees and partners, existing clients, and even personal friends and family to do so.

8. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live footage.

Because of the unpredictability of live footage, it gives your viewers the impression that they are having a behind-the-scenes look at the real you, as well as enticing them to hang around to watch much longer than they would a standard video.

9. Make a group of people.

The ability to build a community is perhaps Facebook’s most valuable feature. It connects you with a community of people who are still connected to you and willing to listen to your message. Authentically engage with people by writing on their walls, reacting to their comments on your own, conversing in groups, and introducing people to one another. Before you know it, you’ll have developed a network of friends that are supportive of you and your company – all for free.

Doing all these will help you sell your products faster as you will be trusted and you’d have developed an authority in your niche.

As you can see, Facebook marketing is all about making connections, building relationships, and sharing your experience with others, even though it is now pay-to-play. You just need to understand the proper tactics in order to continue doing so for free



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