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catalog feature on WhatsApp Business application

How To Use Catalog Feature On WhatsApp Business App In 2021

How To Use Catalog Feature On WhatsApp Business App For Ecommerce

In the blog post, you will learn how to use catalog feature on WhatsApp Business app. This will help promote sales and increase business efficiency.

The recent WhatsApp Business update has emerged with an additional feature. This new feature enable users to use it as an ecommerce shelf. Alongside this ecommerce website simulation feature is a virtual cart. This cart enables a customer to select many items on the shelf and proceed to payment.

With this amazing feature, entrepreneurs can display their products and services. They can also generate payment without using an ecommerce site.

Have you been previously troubled about:

  • How to use WhatsApp for business activities?
  • What WhatsApp Business catalog is all about?
  • If WhatsApp ecommerce catalog is free?
  • How to use this catalog feature on WhatsApp Business Application to enhance your business and make sales more efficient?

This blog post answers all questions you might have concerning the catalog feature on WhatsApp Business application.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business catalog

Usually, business owners do wish to showcase their products and services. They pay website designers and webhosting companies before getting an ecommerce site.

With this newly introduced product catalog, business owners just have to type in the name and description of the product or service. An image should also be uploaded. With that, visiting customers will have an idea of what the product looks like.

This catalog feature on WhatsApp Business application makes it easy for you to express vital information about your business. Also, customers will be able to buy products and services without necessitating a conversation.

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How to use catalog feature on WhatsApp business app to showcase your products and services

Below here is the step-by-step guide on how to use the catalog feature on WhatsApp Business application.

1. Visit Google Play Store and download the latest version of WhatsApp Business application. You can update if you already have the app.

2. Launch the app. Click the 3-dotted button at the right top corner of the screen.

3. A list of options will be shown and you should click on business tools.

4. A new page will be displayed to you. Click on the catalog button.

5. Now you are at the catalog page. Here you will need to create an entry for a product or service.

6. Write a description and upload relevant image(s). 7. Input product price. You can also assign a unique code for the product.

8. Click on more fields to add other information.

9. Save the catalog and wait for few minutes for approval. Within 5 minutes (latest) your entry would be approved.

10. To share your catalog, go back to the catalog page. Click on the link button at the top right corner.

You can share your catalog link to anyone. If the recipient clicks on it, he/she will see your products and services. He/she can also purchase if ready.

Preferably, you can watch the tutorial video to see how it’s done. All within 4 minutes.


Rules to follow when using catalog feature on WhatsApp Business application

Just like most ecommerce websites, there are rules guiding the usage of WhatsApp product catalog. Below are some precautions to take note of when making use of the catalog feature.

1. Make use of professional pictures. You should make sure you upload pictures that are representing your products. They should in high resolution. It should be a clear and befitting image.

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2. Avoid spamming. Spamming is when you consistently send unwanted mail to a recipient. If you spam a customer or a contact with your catalog and WhatsApp gets to find out, you may be disallowed from further usage of the service.

3. Input only allowed products. Not all products and services are allowed by WhatsApp Business catalog service. Unacceptable products and services include drugs, alcohol, weapons, livestock, pets, adult-rated products, organs and body fluids, gambling and betting services, medicinal products and many others. See full list here.

The Bottom Line

Now you have acquired knowledge on the benefits and usage of the catalog feature in WhatsApp Business application. Having this ecommerce feature will also make your business look more professional and authentic. Create your catalog and share it to your customers. Thanks so much for reading. Let us know any questions you have in the comment section

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