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How to run whatsapp ads

How to Easily and Successfully Run WhatsApp Ads All by Yourself Through Facebook

Having a WhatsApp Business account is an absolute necessity for every business owner. If you don’t have one, you should. I mean, this is an app with over 2 billion users so it’s evident that it holds amazing benefits.

Relating with your potential customers via a chatting app makes business easier and more personal. Being able to share images and details about your product or services directly to your potential customers and have a conversation while at it is the definition of ease.

So how do you run WhatsApp ads through Facebook? It’s pretty simple if you follow these steps;

  1. Ensure that your WhatsApp Business account is connected to your Facebook Page.
  2. Go to the ad creation via Ads Manager and select your objective. The objective could be for traffic, messages or conversions depending on your needs at the moment.
  3. Choose your campaign budget, click next to take you to Ad type then select click to message.
  4. In the messaging apps section, select WhatsApp then choose your audience, placements, budget and schedule. After this, click next.
  5. Select your ad format and complete your ad setup. Create your flow then click save and finish when completed.
  6. Click publish to publish your ad.

Your WhatsApp business account should be maximized to its fullest potential and running ads is one way to do so.