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A 4-week Social Media Management Course. Course Outline, Aims and Objectives

social media management course

Yet again, Prolanz Digital Services has brought forth another content package. This time around, it’s a content pack focused on teaching and learning social media management effectively. Its one of the best courses In Media Management

Am sure you can’t agree more with me when it comes to the the significance of social media management. A lot of online brands are constantly in need of the services of a social media manager.

However, not every online brand out there is willing to pay. Or perhaps, the financial situation of the brand might not even make that an option.

Nevertheless, all is well. After a whole lot of studying and observations, Prolanz Digitals has painstakingly prepared some content packages that would train everyone on social media management, and all that it entails.

If every online brand could participate in this 4-week training, then there won’t be need for anyone to employ the services of a social media expert. You can be your own Social Media Manager.

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Courses In Social Media Management – Course Outline

Just like we have explained earlier, it’s going to be a 4-week superb training. The content package has been split into 4 segments, each scheduled for a week. 

It’s like a learning sequence. One package has to be learnt and fully understood before the subsequent ones are introduced. 

A content package takes no less than 2 days, and a maximum of 4 days. This is done for convenience sake, as most participants of this training are already brand developers and busy content creators.

Course Outline For Week 1

The first week of this social media management course will teach you how to establish your presence online as a Social Media Expert.

In your first week of taking this course, you will learn how to establish your business presence on social media platforms. Also, you will learn how to create a brand using the Prolanz brand framework.

This course bundle takes just only 4 days to learn. And you won’t just be learning it. You will be practicing it.

Course Outline For Week 2

The second week is all about social media content. You will learn how to create social media content effectively.

Here, the elements of a social media post will be revealed to you. Also, you will learn how to create a content for a business, by effective usage of text and images. 

This course bundle takes 3 days to complete.

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Course Outline For Week 3

If week 2 is about social media content, then week 3 is about social media content management.

In week 3 of this social media management course, you will learn how to know what to post, and how to manage your content.

You will also learn how to moderate social media conversations and you will practice building a content calendar.

Course Outline For Week 4

Being the last week of the course training, here you will evaluate your efforts.

In this week, you will practice how to evaluate and optimize your social media marketing efforts.

You will learn using real world statistics, so as to improve your posts and optimize your efforts.

The Bottom Line

Looks simple? Yeah. The course has been put together and reviewed by highly skilled professionals in the field. And there will also be a bonus on running effective Facebook and Instagram Ads.