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Social Media Marketing Plans – Prolanz Digital Services

How Much Does A Social Media Marketing Plan Cost?

the best social media marketing plans with affordable prices - Prolanz Digital Services

Hi there. How’re doing. You are reading this probably because you are in search of the best social media marketing plans with affordable prices. Search no more… You are in the right place.

Prolanz digitals is an intelligent digital services provider, which is able to target the right audience at the lowest cost possible. Thanks to our world-class development team, we can promise you the biggest return on your investment.

We offer Digital Solutions in:

  • Social Media Management.
  • Web Development.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Advertisement.
  • Social media marketing

How Much Does Social Media Management Cost in 2021?

The cost of social media management depends on many factors. As we have social media as a platform, we can also see social media as an industry, if viewed from a different angle.

The average amount that most brands invest into social media management is from $400 to $7000 every month. Mind you, social media management also involves advertisement and marketing.

For businesses that wish to extend their services to external service providers, social media marketing and management can cost around $200 to $20,000 every month. In fact, most social media consultations cost between $15 to $200 every hour.

At Prolanz Digitals, however, it's not up to that. We can earn you over 200,000 impressions for less than $100.

Still, doubting whether your business needs social media marketing? This post will assist you in making the best decision.

Common Social Media Marketing Importance And Benefits In 2022.

Our Social Media Marketing Pricing Plans At Prolanz Digital Services

Google Ads Offered By Prolanz Digital Services

We can help you create Google ads for your businesses, at an affordable price. We have the Search Ad, Display Ad, and Video Ads.

Search Ads gives your business or brand visibility on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Display Ads shows some details about you while Video Ads renders its content in video format.

Facebook Ads Available At Prolanz Digitals

Here comes the big bang. Facebook has always been the big bang (and top choice) when it comes to social media marketing and low-cost advertisement.

Prolanz Digitals has a team of professionals with high-level experience in Facebook Ads. We have tailored 4 advertisement formats for you:

Facebook Newsfeed Ads displays your business account information with a brief description. Links leading to your business are included in the ad.

Audience Network Ads are powered by Facebook Audience Network. Your business is visible while also including key points that will prompt viewers to click on it.

Instagram Ads is for Instagram users. This is a good option if most of your target audience is most active on Instagram.

Messenger Ads are shown to users on the Messenger platform. It’s no different from the other Facebook ads.

Our Social Media Campaign Plans At Prolanz Digitals

Our Social Media Marketing Plans are also comprised of Campaign Plans. We help you advertise for 30 days while striving to reach a maximum audience by the end of the 30th day period.

PlanBronze PlanSilver PlanGold PlanDiamond Plan
Duration14 Days14 Days30 Days30 Days
Service Charge15%15%15%12%
Cost Per Click (CPC)$0.04 – $0.1$0.04 – $0.1$0.04 – $0.1$0.04 – $0.1
Cost Per Mille (CPM)$0.04 – $0.9$0.04 – $0.9$0.04 – $0.9$0.04 – $0.9

Features & Bonuses

1. Ads Report
2. Free Landing Page and Banners
3. Leads Management

1. Ads Report
2. Free Landing Page & Banners
3. Leads Management

1. Customized Report & Analysis
2. Free Landing Page & Banners
3. Leads Management
4. 1 – 1 VIP Service

1. Customized Report & Analysis
2. Free Landing Page & Banners
3. Leads Management
4. Highly Customized Visuals
5. 1 – 1 VIP Service

On-Demand Social Media Campaign

Tell us what you want. Create a mix by picking from the above campaigns and customizing it yourself. 3 Months and 12 Months duration packages are also available on demand.

Social Media Marketing Plans – Prolanz Digital Services

Plan Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan Diamond Plan
Price$100 $200 $400 $1000
Daily post 1223
FacebookYes Yes Yes Yes
InstagramYes Yes Yes Yes
TwitterNoYes Yes Yes
YoutubeNoYes Yes Yes
NairalandNo Yes YesYes
Email marketingNo No YesYes
Digital CampaignsNo Yes YesYes
Professional Videos0138
Web ManagementNo No NoYes
Landing PageNo Yes YesYes
Google my BusinessNo No Yes Yes
Genuine followers2005001,0005,000
Leads generated31030500
Firm Visits1224
Firm Digital Training No Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Marketing Plans – Prolanz Digital Services

On-Demand Social Media Marketing Plan

You can also customize your own package!

Our Other Ads Services – Prolanz Digitals

We also offer (available on demand)

  • Billboard Ads.
  • Television Ads.
  • Radio Ads .
  • Telesales.

Who We Are, What We Do

Prolanz Digital Services is the best Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Agency near you. Located at a central point accessible to all, Prolanz Digitals also provide Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Web Development.

We have a team of experts that possess deep knowledge in their respective fields. By signing a deal with us, the fate of your social media marketing strategy is in the right hands. You should contact us to get started.

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