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Social Media Marketing Agency In Lagos, Nigeria

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Social Media Marketing Agency In Lagos, Nigeria

Searching for a social media marketing agency in Lagos? Don’t worry, Prolanz got you covered.

Be it social media marketing, social media management or digital marketing, we are here for you. Prolanz Digital Services is Nigeria’s leading and top social media marketing agency in Lagos.

We are a team of professionals, and each employee is highly skilled in their respective fields. Our services are all-encompassing, so you have nothing to worry about. At Prolanz Digitals, we don’t outsource social media marketing services.

If we have a contract, we don’t give it to other companies. We do it ourselves! 

Want to use social media marketing to grow your business? Being a social media marketing and management agency in Nigeria, we can help you with your various marketing strategies.

Check out five things that we can do for you when you let us handle your social media marketing.

What Do Social Media Marketing Agencies Do?

What Do Social Media Marketing Agencies Do?

If you want Prolanz Digitals, or any other social media marketing agency in Lagos to help you market your business’s social media accounts, then what you are about to do is called social media marketing outsourcing.

If this is your first experience of social media marketing outsourcing, then be glad. We promise that it’s going to be a thing to remember. When people speak of your brand’s success on social media, they will say it began today.

Moving straight to business, come see the five things we can do for you, more than any other social media marketing agency in Lagos. And remember, we don’t only market your account. We will do your social media management as well.

1. Social Media Account Creation

You most probably already have your social media accounts on each platform you want to reach.

However, it’s fine if you don’t have one yet. We can always create social media accounts for you, on as much as many platforms as you want.

It’s our job as your social media marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Social Media Account Management

Social media account management comprises two main activities. They are content creation and publishing, and engagement. There are also other tasks involved, but these two are the main ones.

Content Creation And Publishing

There are a lot of social media management activities attached to content creation and publishing. Some of them are listed below.

  • Content curation
  • Promotion of content
  • Optimization of social media post headline
  • Creation of visual and graphic content
  • Using keyword research tools to get trending and engaging topics
  • Collecting statistics related to your industry niche
  • Creating a content posting schedule. Also same thing as creating an editorial calendar


The engagement task also has a lot of social media management activities attached. They include:

  • Replying messages and having conversations on your behalf
  • Helping you to reach out to people that will influence your brand
  • Messaging people that are using some hashtags
  • Gathering partnerships that will benefit your social media strategy
  • Removing spam and junk comments from your posts
  • Participating in group conversations on your behalf

Both engagement and content creation and publishing are the backbones of social media management.

The two activities increase your brand awareness. However, the engagement activity is the one that focuses on building relationships with clients and partners.

3. Social Media Customer Support

Social media customer care is also a part of social media management. And our social media marketing agency in Lagos does this perfectly.

Social media customer care will help build a great relationship with your customers, both potential and already-existing ones. It will help them solve any problem they have encountered in the process of making use of your products and services.

Social media customer service also provides answers to your customers’ enquiries. It might be on the price of a product or service, how it works or any other thing.

To make this possible and also efficient in every way possible, we will reinforce and work together with your company’s customer service. If you have just one employee doing that, or if you don’t have any dedicated customer service rep, we can step in for you.

It’s what we do best at Prolanz, and we are best at what we do. 

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If you don’t know the significance of social media customer service, or what impact it has on your business, we will explain it to you.

If a customer is trying to reach out to you on social media and he/she is not well attended to, such a person won’t be happy.

And not all people can stay calm when vexed. Some will go about that same social media, telling people how inconsiderate and incapable you are as a brand.

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Whereas, the fault lies with the poor customer service. But people won’t believe you. They will believe the complaining customer because most people trust customer reviews more than the company itself.

As the best social media marketing agency in Lagos, this is the part where we come into play.

Our job as your social media marketing company is to listen and reply to customers’ complaints and enquiries. This goal is the same for all your social media accounts on each platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or others.

What customers say about you matters. It’s your reputation.

4. Paid Social Media Advertising

This aspect is not part of social media management. It’s more of social media marketing, and we are very good at doing it.

The major social media platform that everybody focuses on is Facebook. If you plan on reaching out to your target audience on other platforms like Instagram, then we are also the best social media marketing agency in Lagos that you can hire.

Social media marketing advertisements are almost the opposite of organic efforts. The only thing in common is that they both have the same goal; brand awareness and increase in sales.

Social media advertising involves spending real money to increase your brand awareness. It also makes sure that you have the right target audience, the right content and other things necessary to increase sales.

At Prolanz Digital Services, we ensure that your paid social media marketing efforts are most fruitful and increase sales while spending very little as possible on advertisements.

Most businesses and companies, especially new ones will always find it difficult to maintain an online presence on social media platforms if they rely solely on organic marketing efforts.

By paying money to push your brand forward, you will get more people to know you. And sooner or later, you will be the new brand that everyone’s talking about.

The advertising activities that our social media marketing agency can do for you include:

  • Conceiving and creating ad campaigns
  • Outlining the target audience to focus on
  • Carrying out different tests
  • Tracking your ad conversions
  • Optimizing your ad campaigns and many more

5. Social Media Account Growth

Although social media marketing and account management will increase your growth, you still need to grow your account further.

The activities and resources involved in social media account growth vary based on the size of your niche, and your account itself. There are sometimes that you may need account growth, and there are sometimes that you don’t.

And here is a tip. Don’t buy followers. Once you start working with us, you will see how we handle things and come to understand why we frown at such measures.

Purchasing followers, views and likes won’t do you any good. This is because they are not of the organic source. And if it’s not from an organic source, you won’t have a genuine audience. 

It’s just like seeing 20,000 followers on your Instagram account while reminding yourself that only 500 of them are genuine. The rest are fake and don’t bring any conversion. They only add to the numbers.

For Facebook growth, we will share your content in related groups. We will also share with other pages while running ads. Mind you, it doesn’t end here. There are other strategies we will use to grow your Facebook account.

As for your Instagram account, we will use a mixture of targeted liking and follow/unfollowing. Commenting is also another method we can use for your target audience to visit your profile.

For your Twitter account, we can grow it by using the strategies above, combined with active engagement and distribution of quality content.

How Can I Start Social Media Marketing In Nigeria?

How Can I Start Social Media Marketing In Nigeria?

It’s very easy to do your social media marketing in Nigeria. You only need to follow the guide below.

1. Know your goals. Remind yourself what you want to get out of your participation on social media.

2. Review your resources. Plan out who will:

  • Create your graphic content
  • Write your content well
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Handle your customer support services

3. Study your target audience. You should know the social media platform that your target audience is not active on. You should also know the time they are most likely to be online.

4. Create quality and engaging content. After knowing where and when your target audience is active, you should create that amazing content and feed it to them. Content creation and publishing should be done regularly.

5. Link your marketing efforts, both online and offline so as to yield a better result.

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6. Draft out a schedule and always stick to it. You should allocate time to be spent on social media marketing, alongside your other business activities.

7. Mix organic efforts with paid marketing. To do this efficiently, you can spend about 80 per cent of your time on social media activities that are purely organic. You can spend 20 per cent of your time on paid advertising activities.

8. Don’t be a slave to subscribers and followers. Focus on the quality of your profile and not the quantity. Nothing can be more assuring than a genuine audience.

9. Let your audience and potential customers feel free to discuss stuff with you. That way, you will be building a strong relationship between your audience and your brand.

10. Don’t forget social media management outsourcing. Hiring a good social media management agency in Nigeria will be a better option once you start having busy schedules.

How Much Does It Cost To Manage A Social Media Account In Nigeria?

Social Media Marketing Agency In Lagos

If you are handling your social media management yourself, it would literally cost you nothing. Except for the internet bandwidth and paid social media marketing, it’s free to manage your social media account in Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Social Media Marketing Agency In Lagos, Nigeria?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Social Media Marketing Agency In Lagos, Nigeria?

Outsourcing to a social media management agency in Lagos is not a bad idea. It will help your business because you will have time to focus on your other business activities.

Social media marketing pricing can be done in 4 ways.

1. Hourly

2. Monthly

3. Based on the number of activities

4. Based on the pricing package you subscribe to

Most social media management agencies in Nigeria will charge you either monthly or based on the social media management pricing plan you purchase.

Either way, a social media marketing agency in Lagos will not charge you less than ₦300,000 per month.

The Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Lagos Nigeria

To get the best out of your social media marketing and management, grow your brand on the internet and let everyone know of your existence, contact us now! It would be a very great experience to handle your social media marketing and reinforce your business.

Prolanz Digital Services is the best social media marketing agency in Lagos, and Nigeria as a whole. We have the best team members to manage your social media accounts.

We have been providing social media marketing services to clients for 7 years now, and we are not stopping there.

To get the best out of your social media marketing and management, grow your brand on the internet and let everyone know of your existence, contact us now! It would be a very great experience to handle your social media marketing and reinforce your business.

Address – B Close 7th Avenue Festac, Lagos

Phone number – +2347088546064

Email address –

Facebook @Prolanz digitals

Twitter @Prolanzdigitals

Instagram @Prolanzdigitals

If you are interested in taking your social media marketing to the next level, drop a comment here or contact us directly.

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